The 19 dive tour operators of the ADTO “Association of Dive Tour Operators e.V.” meet several times a year to plan new concepts and to hold their annual meeting.

This year’s annual general meeting took place on the weekend of May 18th/19th in Frankfurt. Besides many points, the election of the board of directors was on the agenda. We are pleased to announce that the previous board has been completely re-elected.
Also this year it was again decided that the ADTO will support certain projects financially. Last year we made a donation of EUR 4000,- immediately after the earthquake and tsunami in Palu/Indonesia became known.

An important topic for travellers and divers is the handling of environment and nature. ADTO members attach great importance to sustainability. Therefore it was decided at the meeting to offer an environmental award, which will be rewarded by ADTO with EUR 2000,-.
This prize will be awarded if a dive resort, dive centre or liveaboard ship is particularly committed to sustainable and/or social projects. An application for this prize can be sent to the ADTO with immediate effect. For this, photos and a description of why and for what the support is needed must be added. The ADTO will select a winner from the applications for the environmental prize, who will be awarded at one of the next diving exhibitions. Application to the ADTO at

The diving tour operators who are members of the ADTO want to offer their guests particularly high-quality products. Therefore, our service providers such as resorts, diving bases and liveaboard ships are also regularly visited and inspected by us. In the near future we will award a quality seal to some of our partners if they meet our criteria for safety, equipment and sustainability. These criteria are set high by us. You can find more information here on the webpage under Quality Seal. As soon as the first seals are awarded, this will be published on our website.

The members of the ADTO are looking forward to the new projects and challenges!