“In order for each of us to have the opportunity to take that long-awaited vacation this year, we must pull together”, says an appeal signed by top managers from TUI, DER Touristik, FTI, Alltours, Schauinsland and Holidaycheck. Through “prudent behavior” on vacation, the Corona pandemic can be contained, they say.

For the tourism industry, the past few weeks have brought a ray of light on the horizon. Bookings picked up strongly, and many European destinations are open again. But the upswing is fragile – as shown not least by developments such as the temporary classification of Portugal as a virus variant area or the significant resurgence of Corona infection figures in tourist destinations in Spain. The industry also knows from painful experience that travel is often declared to be the main cause of the spread of the virus.

This is why leading tourism companies are now appealing to their customers in an unusual alliance. The letter is signed by Holidaycheck CEO Christoph Ludmann, TUI Germany CEO Marek Andryszak, Schauinsland sales director Detlef Schroer, Alltours sales director Georg Welbers, FTI CEO Ralph Schiller and DER Touristik managing director Mark Tantz.

The Appeal in Wording:

“As a tourism company, we therefore appeal to all of you: take the responsibility you have as travelers seriously and also look out for each other on vacation. Have fun and enjoy your well-deserved rest, but please also observe the applicable rules and hygiene measures. The drink at the pool bar tastes just as good with a little more distance and we have long since become accustomed to the mask in the supermarket.

Remember: The more people get vaccinated, the less chance we give the virus. The vacationers who come after you, but also the people who always live where you are vacationing, will thank you.

That we can stick together, we have absolutely proven last year. Let’s just continue to do that during the most wonderful time of the year. That’s how we can make sure everyone has the opportunity for a carefree vacation season.”

Source: https://www.countervor9.de/trends/veranstalter-fordern-kunden-zur-solidaritaet-auf