Waterworld-Werner Thiele KG

“We are adventure & travellust!” – under this motto the Austrian organizer has been bringing his customers to the best spots of the tropical warm oceans for over 20 years, but also to the icy waters of the Arctic, Antarctic and the crystal clear expanse of Lake Baikal. Adventure hearts beat faster amidst the shark swarms of Cocos, the Bahamas or Socorro. The competent team around the underwater photographer and Waterworld founder Werner Thiele inspires explorer souls with exciting expeditions to such exotic diving destinations as Lake Malawi, Clipperton, Tasmania, Madagascar, Easter Island or the Marquesas. Unique natural beauty, breathtaking animal encounters and superlative experiences in the most exotic destinations on our planet are the order of the day at Waterworld.

Werner and Iris Thiele and the many highly specialised tour guides of the Waterworld group tours take divers with the demand for high-quality accommodation and unique destinations to places where nature fascination, the spirit of discovery, but also adventure and wanderlust are still at home.



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  • 6 Employees in the office
  • Founded: 1997
  • Approved training company
Waterworld – Werner Thiele KG
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