Nautilus Tauchreisen

Nautilus, Europe’s oldest diving tour operator, has been organising diving trips to selected regions since 1965. Nautilus is mainly specialised in the Caribbean. It is particularly noteworthy that Nautilus was the first dive tour operator to include Cuba in its programme.

Nautilus offers individual service for tailor-made trips. Another special feature is that all hotels in the program have been tested and are also regularly tested.

In addition to diving classics such as Egypt or the Mediterranean, Nautilus also has many special destinations or destinations in its programme which are not so often found on the German market, such as Nicaragua. And finally, Nautilus also offers trips to Asia and South Africa, the big fish destination par excellence.

Several times a year, guided group tours are also offered, some of them with well-known photographers from the diving scene, whereby these always offer a special travel itinerary, i.e. these are trips that one would not normally book in this way.

  • 24h Emergency Hotline
  • Insolvency and liability insurance
  • 5 Employees
  • Founded: 1965
  • Approved training company

Nautilus Tauchreisen
Pfarrgasse 1
82266 Inning / Ammersee

Tel: +49 8143 93100
Fax: +49 8143 9310-13