Let’s do something together for the people affected!

The floods in the German states of Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia have brought destruction on a terrible scale. Our thoughts are with the victims, their families and the people in the affected regions. In order to contribute our part to the relief effort we support the “Aktion Deutschland Hilft” and would like to ask you to also donate a small amount according to your possibilities for the suffering people there.


A little food for thought

The images in the news and social media show the extent of this catastrophe and serve as an example to us that we should not only think about the issue of climate change, but also act accordingly as soon as possible. And there are still the climate change deniers, when do they finally realize that our way of life and the use of resources trigger such phenomena in the first place. Here it is the floods and in America and Canada it is the heat waves that trigger fires and destroy entire areas and cities. Aqua Active Agency has long cared about this issue and we strive to be as carbon neutral as possible.

  • In order to avoid unnecessary mountains of waste, we largely forego the mailing of travel documents and send them digitally.
  • For the past two years, we have not produced any printed catalogs.
  • We use energy-saving lamps at home and in the office
  • We attach great importance to waste avoidance
  • Separate our waste as soon as possible so that it can be recycled as much as possible.
  • Respect and support partners who work sustainably. (hotels, resorts, diving centers and safari ships)

Our latest project is to install a photovoltaic system to generate our own electricity, which we plan to implement this year.


My request!

  • Each of us can make a contribution with little effort to not aggravate the situation even more.
  • Just pay attention to general waste avoidance in your environment
  • Avoid plastic waste
  • Take measures to save energy
  • Use natural resources whenever possible

Being environmentally conscious does not mean giving up all the pleasures of life, it’s the little things that can have a big effect, if only everyone pays a little attention.


Achim Goldmann
Aqua Active Agency

Aqua Active Agency