News about the flight connection from the Bahamas Tourist Office in Frankfurt:

Since autumn of last year the island state of the Bahamas already allows the entry for tourists from all over the world, as far as they fulfill the current entry regulations influenced by Corona.

Unfortunately it has not been possible to reach the Bahamas by air until now. Since June 2021 British Airways flies to Nassau again and offers from 09 August also the appropriate feeder service currently only from Zurich.

Here is the current flight connection every Monday and every Saturday, from 09 August 2021:

From Zurich 07:15
To London Heathrow 08:10
From London Heathrow 12:15 p.m.
To Nassau 16:35

Depart Nassau 18:05
To London Heathrow 07:30 next day
Depart London Heathrow 09:35
To Zurich 12:30 p.m.

We are pleased to announce that travelers from Switzerland, as well as customers living near Zurich Airport, will once again be able to travel to the Bahamas. We expect the flight network to continue to develop and there will soon be connections from Germany and Austria.

British Airways will increase frequencies from London to Nassau starting in September, flying to the island paradise every Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

A HEALTH VISA must be applied for to enter the Bahamas. For more information and to access the Health Visa, visit